Bum​-​Man [DEMO]

by Downpipe

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Q: What's the difference between these recordings and a piece of shit on a stick?

A: The stick. Ha.

Still, all the tracks were self recorded, live AND first takes, and at least the carpet matches the drapes; the smear of a human-being known as Bum-Man is also one stick short of a shitty fucking stick.


released June 25, 2013

Johnny Rothwell - Vocals/Guitar
Ami-Jay 'AJ' Tarrant - Guitar/Vocals
Dan 'Bench' Bench - Bass/Vocals
Sam 'Beats' Bowen-Wild - Drums

Recorded by Dan Bench.



all rights reserved


Downpipe Kendal, UK

Downpipe are a three-piece punk band from Cumbria, England.

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Track Name: Appetite For Distraction
Congratulations, you've fucked the nation,
This joke's beyond all recognition,
A former shell of what it once was,
To solve the problem you need to find the cause,
I'd love to stand up and join the fight,
But I'm far too busy... getting high,

Condemnation and desecration,
With self-confessed procrastination,
I'll put it off 'til it's too late,
Then moan about the country's state,
I just sit back, and not take note,
I didn't even fucking vote,

(WAKE UP) Don't make a change,
(FUCK OFF) Let's keep it all the same,
(DON'T TRY) You'll never make me change,
I'll always stay the fucking same,

Motivation and inspiration,
Gained by herbal recreation,
Hour by hour, day by day,
I spend my life trapped in a haze,
But I don;t care, what you say,
I wouldn't have it any other way,

(WAKE UP) Don't make a change,
(FUCK OFF) Let's keep it all the same,
(DON'T TRY) You'll never make me change,
I'll always stay the fucking same,
Track Name: Not You, Dave!
You stupid kids are all the same,
Your scene's the lamest of the lame,
You think you're fuckin' hardcore,
There's nothing fuckin' hardcore,
About you or your fuckin' band,
It's as if you wanna fuckin' sound,
As if you've got your balls trapped in a vice, how nice,

So HARDCORE KIDS please leave your time is up, x3
Time is up, time is up,

Up, up, up and away, take's ya half a day,
To get your shit fringe ready.
Skinny jeans and plaid, are for girls and dads,
Plus that's a scene already,
You kinda sound like metal,
With a camp, flamboyant twist,
I hope you wreck yourself in the pit,
I hope you dislocate your wrists,
Track Name: I Am Will
This guy has a look in his eye,
It's getting harder to disguise,
Is he high or holding a family of five,
Against their lives, he'll watch them burn alive,
I've seen him vanish in the haze,
Get baked, stuck in Staveley for the day,
Lose his way and I think I heard him say,

I've seen him when he's tripping out,
And I've heard his twisted primal shouts,
No doubt one day I'll figure it out,
As he tortures a group of scouts,
He whispers soft under his breath,
Something about 'Japanese' and 'death',
Pulls out a chainsaw, screaming;

Will you take him seriously,
When you get the chance to meet,
The legendary man who's been here,
Since the dawn of time and he says -
"Hi I'm Will and I'm in Staveley,
I need to get to Windermere..."
Well have no fear your ride is here,
But home for you is down in hell,

"Hello Will it's me your conscience,
I just popped up to tell you that I'm proud, SO FUCKING PROUD,"

"I'm glad you found a hobby man, but murdering and rape is not allowed, IT'S NOT ALLOWED,"

"Hello conscience, it's me Will, and I think you should just fuck off and leave, FUCK OFF AND LEAVE,"

"I've got a taste for violence dude, and I just can't stop until they bleed, UNTIL THEY BLEED!"

(So gimme what I want/so give him what he wants x7)

Track Name: K-Town
Never getting out, I'm trapped, this town gets right under my skin,
It's filled with down and outs and broke folks who never seem to win,
Some people feel the need to express themselves through rage, they will attack,
Next time I leave this town, I don't plan on ever coming back,

When I walk down the street I'm greeted by the stench of cheap regrets,
I've had more drama here than I can even legally admit,
One day I hope to break away from this town, get back on track,
Next time I leave this town, I don;t plan on ever coming back,

I've never met a single soul who actually made it out alive,
I'm sick of all the disappointment, finding truth within the lies,
And if you wanna join me, fuck it man, I'll help you pack,
Next time I leave this town, I don;t plan on ever coming back.